Sunflower Finance


Sunflower Finance is the first project on the BSC system that has the function of creating development funds for potential projects - Seeds Tank. Our target is to build the largest technology ecosystem in BSC and to render SFO ( the top 1 token BEP-20 in the DEFI sector within one year.
Find your financial bright spot
In order to build an ecosystem, Sunflower Finance seeks out small to medium-sized projects with great development potential and then offers financial capital for them in exchange for a portion of their products to be distributed to SFO holders. As a result, the Seeds Tank plan, which is our main program, was established to raise funds to support future financial projects. This long-term approach not only rewards Sunflower's investors handsomely but also encourages the growth of the BSC network and the DEFI industry.
In addition, we have outlined many investment methods to give users more choices besides participating in Seeds Tank. Users will be referring to the following methods to choose the suitable technique:
• Seeds Tank – Investment funds for potential financial projects
• Exchange – Trade BEP-20 token pairs
• Saving Scent - Save other tokens to earn SFO
• Seeds Farming - Earn profits from transaction fee
• Referral Program - Refer investment and get rewards
We, the veteran developers of the DEFI network, will bring the best technologies to Sunflower Finance to bring users the best experience.
Welcome The World!


In the context of the Ethereum network causing the inconvenience of transaction delays and high gas fees, Binance has come up with a perfect solution for the investor in DEFI - Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is faster, lower fees and more growth potential.
We believe that Binance can find out development strategies to bring BSC beyond Ethereum and become the most powerful Smart Chain. Therefore we choose BSC as the fundamental network for Sunflower.