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Q: How can I invest in Sunflower Finance?
A: You can earn money on our first 3 protocols: Seeds Farming, Referral and Saving Scent. In near future, we will public many more investment methods to our community such as Exchange, Lottery and our main highlight Seeds Tank.
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Q: What is the main function of Sunflower Finance?
A: Seed Tanks is a top-notch feature that aims to develop not only Sunflower Finance but also the DEFI industry. Seed Tanks' whole strategy and technology framework has been finalized, and we are ready to begin as soon as adequate funds and relevant projects have been identified.
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Q: Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?
A: The market for transactions in the Ethereum system is growing in tandem with the growth of the DEFI industry. Therefore, the network is overburdened, transaction costs are disproportionately high, and transaction times are delayed. As a consequence, the arrival of a new wave of substitution - Binance Smart Chain - is perfectly appropriate.
As a pioneering team experienced in the development of Automated Markel Making (AMM) decentralized projects, we believe that Binance will create a great smart chain on par with Ethereurn. Therefore, we have chosen BSC as the trading platform for our project.
Q: What makes Sunflower Finance different?
A: We're a group of seasoned developers who are passionate about the DeFi movement and eager to put in the effort to take this project to the next level. We have completed both our short-term and long-term plans for each point of the project, which is more than just a pledge. Please take the time to review the Roadmap for a better understanding.
In addition, we will be focusing on the Seeds Tank feature shortly in order to collaborate with financial projects and build a new kingdom on the BSC platform.
Q: What is the referrals mechanism?
A: The referrals system was designed to attract investors who are excited about Sunflower. Referral rewards are included in Farming rewards.
  • First Level: 7% You will reach first level when your balance is 50 SFO.
  • Second Level: 3% You will reach first level when your balance is 200 SFO.
To avoid oversold status, 30% of prizes will be automatically redistributed to consumers, while the remaining 70% will be frozen for a year.
Q: How to check the smart contracts?
A: Click here or Roll to Contracts part in this document to check our safe contract.
Q: Can I get free SFO?
A: Yes, you may refer other investors to the project using the link in the "Referrals" tab to receive incentives based on the Referral Process.
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