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Q2 - 2021

Complete audit and public to community.
Saving Scent - Save other tokens to earn SFO;
Seeds Farming - Earn profits from transaction fee;
Referral Program - Refer investment and get rewards.
IDO Launchpad for new projects

Q3 - 2021

P2P Exchange.
Listing SFO on Global Exchange.

Q4 - 2021

Public the requirements for selecting projects in Seeds Tank;
Research & Develop NFT
Add Sunflower Finance’s Governance.


Exchange – interface to trade lots of BEP-20 token pairs;
Seeds Tank – Investment funds for potential financial projects;
Publication of a catalog of linked projects as well as contract terms.


Reward people who recommend the project;
Lottery (Burning Mechanism): Both bring great rewards to users and perfect the Burn Mechanism;
NFT - Non Fungible Tokens: High-value souvenirs;
NFT game - Play for earning SFO.